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I signed up to sell Limelight by Alcone. I was successful making sells and gaining customers.

Just 30 days into signing up the backorders started. My customers and myself had to wait months to get the products. I waited 3 months to get a black eyeliner pen. Customer service was rude and they never followed through with fixing any wrongs.

Then all the foundations were on backorder. Instead of fixing these issues they continued to launch new products and change packaging. Then the freeze for any new Guides because they where sinking fast. The founders kept posting videos on how out of control they knew all these issues with back orders and customer service were.

It was too late in my opinion. The products were good. A little pricy for my taste, but you can't sell something that isn't available to buy. My customers lost faith in the company.

I have 2 former customers to this day that never received items nor did they ever get a refund from the company. Then 3 months after I left my Enroller began bullying me for openly telling other people about my experience. No matter how good their products were the company is a complete disaster. The women that are actually making a decent income bully and lie to their teams to keep their numbers up.

Limelight has scammed so much money from reps and customers by not sending anything after making a purchase they should be investigated and shut down entirely! Limelight was the worst and most corrupt Direct Sales Company I have ever worked for.

Stay clear of this company at all costs. Hopefully they will be forced to stop doing direct sales.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They are different. These are growing pains par for the course with a rebrand and global expansion.

The rebrand, new packaging, and reformulation of some product was a requirement of global expansion. There was no alternative. I’ve not lost any clients, but that’s in large part because I communicate well with them, keep popular product on hand in the event of a back order situation, and help them find alternatives in the meantime.

Never had a problem with customer service or unfulfilled requests in the year and a half I’ve been with the company. My leaders are great!


I am finding it very discouraging that almost a year later there is still a backorder, or out of stock issue. I think if you are growing so fast you can’t keep stock, slow the growth to build a strong reliable foundation for the company and the BG’s.

Hard to sell what is not available and the available date keeps getting pushed back at the last minute.Guess it’s time to sit and watch what happens before promoting product that won’t/can’t be delivered. Sad I had high hopes for this company, thought they were different


With respect, the company was not even 2 years old at the time and went from a 2 person operation to an almost overnight blow up almost immediately. It takes a second to adjust.Regarding product quality, it is literally professional makeup.

That is not a lie. As a makeup artist, I was already using the foundation and about to purchase that same concealer for my kit when I discovered Limelight. It is exactly the same products. They are quality products and are not made of poor ingredients as one commenter replied below.

How can you say that a product that has served professionals for over 60 years is low quality. Pros have to rely on the products, they don't have time to mess with unreliable or inconsistent tools.I decided to sign up with Limelight in Oct 2017 and have not had a single back order yet. I do remember the CEOs doing several FB lives talking about talking to the companies they were working with about adjusting their output. After signing up to work with Limelight they were no longer only serving professional, but now consumers.

That 10xed the amount of orders they were getting in a little over a year.I understand the frustration, but we also have to be realistic. The physical world gives us limitations.


The only folks making money in multi level marketing are those who started on the 'bottom' of the pyramid! The prices for cheap manufactured products that contain harmful to humans and the environment ingredients is shameful!

Their marketing costs more than the products ingredients! What you put on your body should be as clean and safe as what you eat!

to Wildflower #1447657


to Wildflower #1449893

This is an unfortunate misconception. The products are literally pro products. And the ingredients are not low quality at all.

to Makeup Artist #1488648

Pro means nothing when you’re talking about the health of ingredients. Know how many pros have hormonal disruptions probably due in part to the crap they put on their faces?

Do toxic products work? He’ll yeah they do but at what monetary, health, and environmental costs?

to Wildflower #1483023

All of their products are worldwide approved ingredients they've removed all toxins since they have went International so your comment is invalid as of now.


I bet you wish you would have stayed now!n

to kdub32 #1402916

Bet she's glad she didn't.

to Dubsuk #1404252

So glad!

to kdub32 #1404251

No! Still the best decision I ever made.

LL is still the shadiest company I've ever worked for.

My former sponsor still a bully. No regrets at all.

to Hooks08 #1404664

I hear you gal! You go! Best thing ever did was not get too far in and got the heck out.


Hi, I also had similar issues :( And this was last year. Things were backordered and I was never told this because apparently THIS GOES FOR ITEMS IN THE KIT TOO.

I'm medium toned, and I received the DARK kit. When I called care, after being on hold for almost an hour, the guy...gawd, what was his name. Patrick? Was so snooty, rude, curt and snarky all rolled up in his delightful righteousness told me, they do not replace kit items.

I'm not a black person. He said, just order the colors for you. I said, how, they are backordered? He literally SIGHED on the phone and said, there's nothing I can do.

Silence. I hung up.I send in my immediate termination via email not even a month in. I was immediately booted from this upline, that keeps bragging about her business. Her name starts with an "L." She never reached out, never asked how I could help, nothing.

Just kicked me out. I wasn't making money for her greedy butt, so I guess I never mattered. All she does is flaunt and brag about how much money she makes but only favors the ones that make her the most money and sells the most, recruits the most. What a joke.Too bad, the products are pretty decent.

Upline is the horror you hear about on blogs now. She is the PRIME example of one. And guess what? Her makeup technique is so horrible anyways!

But she's making her $$$, that's all that matters. She brags and brags about how she left Younique for this opportunity, however, it's very obvious that her self-centered self hasn't changed!

to In the Bad Limelight Palmdale, Florida, United States #1356234

She only hit Black Status with Younique once so it's not like she was one of the real top leaders at Younique because she wasn't. I read straight through her and Limelight Ceo's and Leaders.

They try and control all their Beauty Guides by manipulating their minds. They actually believe celebrities use their makeup when the fact is some have actually done makeup for celebrities but didn't use Limelight by Alcones makeup. The Alcone store provides makeup to production companies for theatrical makeup not everyday makeup. Someone is going to sue them sooner or later.

Kinda remind me of a Cult or Scientology group the way they manipulate their minds. Their focus in training is how to control someones thought process. They make up excuses for anything that happens. L has been making up excuses for her bad skin and why their products don't work for her since she been there.

She constantly lie on her lives and even posts. Her older son obviously doesn't live with her and she pretends he does. The 2 other founding Beauty Guide Leaders don't even work. They don't even know how to be leaders and bounce off of L and C for ideas.

And don't let me start on the cooperate dude who wants to be an inspirational Speaker so bad. Really all yo have to do is go through his timeline and you know he's out of his league. He was good managing the store applying makeup. I remember some of his first lives he was mimicking L's lives so bad it was ridiculous.

The whole leadership over there is FAKE! L and C can't stand one another. They are constantly in competition against each other and their leaders on their teams. Both of them want to be like A from the Y company.

Their beauty guides constantly report each other to compliance because of jealousy. I say both of you did good getting out while yo could. I'm a person who doesn't do DS but thought about it and did my research before I did and quickly changed my mind.

No wonder you hardly hear any of them saying do you research. It's a big MESS!!

to Anonymous #1369948

Nope BG report things that are against policy bc we are a professional brand so when people choose to not follow policies and procedures and try to make the rest of use look unprofessional you may get reported to complainace.

to Anonymous #1397664

It amazes me with all the complaints against LC & CK that they keep them around. Yes they are top executives but with all the bullying & mean girl talk going on they are actually losing beauty guides.

And yes, the bragging about how much money they make & taking pics of their big new homes, new cars is really a turn off. I don't ever see other top leaders in other companies doing that. Sometimes being humble is better. One lady who was an executive leader quit last spring because they bullied her.

It didn't end there as she was professional & kept her business to herself w/o involving others. LC & CK kept going after her. In fact LC wrote a very damaging letter to the CEO of her full time job complaining about her. She was fired from that full time job, which she also lived in TX & was affected by the storm.

Her family had to move out of the home they were in & start over somewhere else. I think she did find another job, but she's not doing direct sales anymore.

Can't blame her. She should have seeked legal action for what was done to her, & for no reason but maliciousness!

to Anonymous #1449902

I hate that that happened. I have to tell you, though....the makeup IS used by makeup artists.

That is why I signed up. I WAS a makeup artist before I signed up. The reason why it LOOKS like it isn't the same stuff is because they license out the product and change the name.Now they are manufacturing additional products, but the Foundation has actually been used from Hollywood to weddings to news anchors for decades. I think they had to remove a couple of the companies who were not keeping up with the output, but the concealer and setting spray are also pro.

Most of the other products are very comparable to the pro products already in my kit.I was even at a MUA masterclass last year with top industry artists, many of them from Hollywood, vogue, etc. that have to work with 4k cameras ( which shows everything now). Almost everyone there had the foundation in their kit under the original name or Limelight and one of them even mentioned Must Dew (the facial oil) as one of his favorite skin prep items. He doesn't sell it or have any reason to promote it.Still, I just hate how terribly their first 2 years went.

I can't imagine being in their shoes with all the fires they had to put out.

I hope it makes you feel better that the top leaders that I follow have actually chastised us for acting that way and try to be clear how poor behavior that is. I really believe that most of them are trying to grow and move forward.

to Anonymous #1403093

You describe the leadership and Beauty Guides to a T. They don't push things they buy in grocery stores like they push Limelight because there's no money in it for them is why.

to In the Bad Limelight #1369947

This is such complete craziness Yes it is so terrrible that your products are so amazing that they sell out we sould a years supply of foundation in 3 months bc we grew so fast.. the person your speaking of rarely even talks about Younique and when she does she absolutely never bashes them she says she was grateful to have that as her starter company.

The only people that I know that are made are the inpatient ones that think a business is a Lottery ticket It's work when you don't work you don't last. I had my biggest s sales months during the backorders why??? bc I told my clients up front it was sold out The CeOs are so transparent and customer serivice are amazing. But I am actually glad we had the big backorders situation bc it was a quick way to *** out the ones that weren't serious about their business or that will always play the Victim card.

Excuses are the quick way to failure. I made my customers samples of foundation to get them through till backorders were back. So the only customer service that sounds terrible was yours to your own customers. Things happen out of stock etc but no one that ever made it to the top was dropped there by so pillow cloud.

Look inwardly before blaming all your problems on 1 person or customer service get over it suck it up or you will never be happy or successful.

Good luck with your future indevors. Try changing your mindset and take time for personal development and professional training which we have so much of it's insane.

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