I signed up to sell Limelight by Alcone. I was successful making sells and gaining customers.

Just 30 days into signing up the backorders started. My customers and myself had to wait months to get the products. I waited 3 months to get a black eyeliner pen. Customer service was rude and they never followed through with fixing any wrongs.

Then all the foundations were on backorder. Instead of fixing these issues they continued to launch new products and change packaging. Then the freeze for any new Guides because they where sinking fast. The founders kept posting videos on how out of control they knew all these issues with back orders and customer service were.

It was too late in my opinion. The products were good. A little pricy for my taste, but you can't sell something that isn't available to buy. My customers lost faith in the company.

I have 2 former customers to this day that never received items nor did they ever get a refund from the company. Then 3 months after I left my Enroller began bullying me for openly telling other people about my experience. No matter how good their products were the company is a complete disaster. The women that are actually making a decent income bully and lie to their teams to keep their numbers up.

Limelight has scammed so much money from reps and customers by not sending anything after making a purchase they should be investigated and shut down entirely! Limelight was the worst and most corrupt Direct Sales Company I have ever worked for.

Stay clear of this company at all costs. Hopefully they will be forced to stop doing direct sales.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What direct sales companies have you worked for that were good? You stated, “LimeLife is the worst...”.

And how much money were you out that you lost more than you made? Do you have an advice to give people who are interested in direct sales?

What companies do you recommend? Is that your only source of income, or did you become part of a team because you loved the products and the friends you made.


Lime Light has an “F” rating with BBB. A friend of mine tried to get me to join.

Pawning it off as it wasn’t a pyramid scheme or MLM. I decided to do my own research bc I tried the IT Works MLM before and I was paying out more than I was bringing in. The products were super expensive. And whata ya know!

I lost weight all by myself! Eating better and exercising


I think when you have "leaders" showing unrealistic income that was an immediate turn off.


I had a very similar story to yours. I left that company.

That was so shady. I couldn't trust them anymore and my clients didn't trust the company either.

My reputation was on the line because of them. Notice that they erased all negative comments on Facebook of customers asking where their products were.


I agree.


I agree this is a pyramid scheme Why do you have to be on a team w here the team lead gets money from the sales their team members make . The team lead is raking in the dough who needs them? Scam


Haha you mean like any other job? You know, when the boss makes money based on how well you do your job?


Thats so STRANGE. I have ordered Lymelifelimelight products since they opened.

I have never had them refuse me a refund in fact one time I was over the 30 days for a return I told them what happened and why and they were extremely nice and made an exception for me that one time.

I loved all of the products. All of the products I’ve gotten have better ingredients than so many make up products on the market they all perform very well I’ve never been pressured into buying anything


Consider yourself lucky...


I joined LimeLight (now LimeLife) in September of 2017. I have seen absolutely none of what Hooks08 is describing.

I have been so impressed with the integrity of this company and how they are committed to their reps and customers. They have absolutely awesome customer service. The only times there were Out Of Stock for any length of time was when they were rebranding. They do not even do backorders when people order.

They go out of their way to make things right if a mistake is made, etc. It is NOT A SCAM. There is no way to lost money with this company unless you just do something that's not very smart such as ordering a lot of product up front. They highly discourage that.

They also discourage salesy and spammy tactics. I have learned so much from all of the phenomenal trainings that are absolutely free.

Also, it has given me confidence that I lacked which is the best part of being involved. The comment that the company is corrupt is amost comical as this can not be further from the truth.


You sound brainwashed. MLMs have such a cult mentality,


This absolutely not true and no I don’t sell the products. I’m a customer. I know several ladies that sell limelife these ladies would never join a cult their Christian ladies with families.




Funniest comment EVER!!!. What about all those ‘Christian ladies with families’ who joined David Koresh in Waco?. Or how about any number of religions, mind-warped cults?


Free? Can I get this "free training" too? Or, do you have to invest and order a kit first?


I have noticed, and it's always through these sort of rants, that the people that don't belong at Limelife, that SHOULDN'T be at Limelife, that don't measure up to the standards & integrity of the company....weed themselves out. Unfortunately, this sort of vindictiveness and blame game is simply a way to justify to themselves and others why they weren't successful and they're now back to square one.

With everything that a BG is given to be successful with their business from the company, there is only one reason why they weren't! They didn't do what they were supposed to! End of story! Had they listened & IMPLEMENTED all the thousands of tips, suggestions and trainings the right way, they wouldn't be here or ANYWHERE saying all these ridiculous comments!

I've never heard so much complaining, and whining, and excuses, and lies, and uninformed comments in my life, as I have from women that failed to be successful, and trying to justify it! OF COURSE YOU WEREN'T! Listen to you! Had you done what you should have, and kept working instead of giving up, you would've gotten the Personal Development that Limelife encourages & offers, and would've done it!

How many more of these rants are out there that you've done about other companies, since you left Limelife?! Anyway...it's too bad that you didn't put in the work and do what you should have, but since YOU CHOSE not to, I'm glad you left!

It's not where you belong. Good luck!


What standard? The pyramid scheming, social media clogging job for people who don't want to actually work?


Lol cult mentality is a shame.


Great Company and Makeup. I have had NONE Of the issues described in this (above) rant


How much do you make per year with LL??? How much money have you put out?

Of course anyone can sell and make money. Honestly, you MLM employees shouldn’t try to get people with the “YOU CAN MAKE SO MUCH MONEY, THE PRODUCTS SELL THEMSELVES!” If that were true it would be as successful as Avon. I’d not ever heard of this company until my friend tried to get me to join, with the promise of great wealth. She even should me for one day she made 107.00 As if that would get me to join.

Idc about the money, I care about being honest and truthful to people. MLM’s have been known to destroy friendships, bc of the manipulation “beauty guides” are “trained” to use. If you are successful at an MLM that’s amazing, I pray you continue & I pray you’re looking out for the bottom girl, bc you’re making your income off what the people under you are doing, right? I was so bullied, I thought thus old woman was going to want to fight me bc I didn’t want to sign up to work under her for Melaleuca!

She harassed me so much, I finally had to call the Head of the company & tell them if something wasn’t done I was going to go to the BBB. Of course they don’t want that.

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