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Made the mistake of just ordering the foundation without thorough research.When it arrived I tried it not looking at the ingredients.

I removed it and started looking more at the packaging and was curious about what was in it. There is a paraben which I'm extremely against. I have been told by my fertility doctor to not use anything containing parabens due to the possibility of estrogen interruptions. Extremely upset that I spent $60 on a foundation and eyeliner that I can't use.

Also the packaging is so cheaply made.

It's cardboard, no mirror, and has a magnet to closure.Seriously!?

Review about: Limelight By Alcone Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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Nothing, NOTHING is chemical free.Limelight by Alcone skincare is " harsh" chemical free.

Meaning there are no added chemicals.

Water is a chemical solution. There is nothing that is completely chemical free. I've been using the products over a year. My skin couldn't be better.

And the paraben you speak of in the Foundation actually comes from a natural chemical found in aloe. Researching ingredients and getting your information on exactly where each one comes from does a lot of good when picking out new skincare or makeup products. If you don't like the products don't buy them . They don't deceive anyone.

It states clearly on the website on each individual product what they contain.

Limelight by Alcone doesn't teach the reps to lie either.So if a rep told you otherwise that's on her or him not the company.


An easy solution would be for the company to make their makeup 'all natural' like their skincare, but they won't do that because most of their money is made on deceiving customers. They bank on the fact that most customers don't check. And why would anyone want to be a Beauty Guide for a company that touts safe skincare only to throw all of those toxins into the makeup line?


The first line of your complaint sums it up neatly.

" Made the mistake ... I tried it not looking at the ingredients."

You've confessed to being concerned about ingredients based on advice from a medical professional.

Good idea ; I'm not supposed to use aloe which interferes with one of my meds.

This is not the seller's fault ; you must follow your own rules and check everything.


Hi, I am sorry that you feel you were lied to by your beauty consultant, and perhaps you were.That's not who we are.

I am a current representative with LimeLight by Alcone. You should never have been told that our makeup line is chemical free. It is not. Our skincare line, However, IS, all natural, chemical free, paraben free, dye free and cruelty free.

Awesome stuff for the skin and very reasonably priced.

As for the packaging, LimeLight is a GREEN company so they believe in protecting our environment which is why it is all packaged the way it is. Why use something "nicer" when it will just be thrown away once the product is gone?

Again, I'm sorry that your experience wasn't 100%.

If I can help you in any way, please contact me!

tammyjrans65@aol.com :)

to tamaransdell_89 #1418185

So green that they sell toxic makeup. So great for the environment.

to Cind_WatersNebraska #1421629

Limelight by Alcone does not make their makeup products.They only make skin care products.

All of the makeup that is sold by Limelight comes from other companies. Maybe you should do some research on the company and you would know that. So they can't just make the make up into anything they want because they get the makeup from other companies.

Rcma makes the foundation, Nars makes all of the blushes and pressed powders, are eyeshadows are the original Mac formula, skindinavia makes all of the setting and primer sprays .I'm sure if they made their own makeup products they would definitely try to be much better for the environment!I'm sure if they made their own makeup products they would definitely try to be much better for the environment!

to tamaransdell_89 #1418190

If they believe in protecting the environment why is the makeup so toxic? Lots of companies out there with nontoxic skincare AND nontoxic makeup.

to tamaransdell_89 #1419073

How about instead of using the excuse people will just throw away the packaging how about only make reusable packaging. Completely out of metal or plastic or something sturdy and when people order reorders they pay for the product again only and pop it in the packaging like a z-pallette. Your excuse is null.

to Bri #1421212

They do have packaging you can re-use.That's why it is magnetic and you can replace individuals as you order them.

As far as parabens go, we are working on removing them from our foundation.

Please send me a link to a cosmetics company that has zero "toxic" chemicals.Thanks.

to Alicia #1421220


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